From Haute Couture to Newcomer Design, from world class architecture to interior decorating – Viennas second district has a lot to offer outside the classical shopping mekkas of Kärtnerstraße, Graben and Mariahilferstraße. Here are our favourite shops in walking distance.

  • lunzers greißlerei 14.3.2014 (c) julia fuchs

    Lunzers Maß-Greislerei

    Good old times and red-hot news – Lunzers “general store” sells food without packaging. Just bring your own container and buy exactly the amount you need. This concept was successfully launched in London in 2007. It creates a nice old-style shopping feeling and helps to protect the environment: no packaging garbage, no food leftovers. Just have a look from the café at how it works, this retro modern style of buying food, and enjoy an all-organic lunch, or a late-sleepers breakfast from 9am to 3 pm on Saturdays.

    Lunzers Maß-Greislerei, Heinestr. 25, 1020 Wien

  • Song

    There is a sign in the shop that says it all: Not a Museum – this is a Shop. Good to know, because the eclectic mix of art, accessories, Haute Couture and beautiful staff is kind of hard to grasp at first. But anyway: it’s a great place with a real New York flair. Prices are high, but why not indulge every once in a while? Or dream of indulging…

    Song, Praterstraße 11-13, 1020 Wien

  • MCK_1701


    Supersense addresses all five senses with incredible products. In categories of TASTE, SEE, FEEL, HEAR and SMELL, new and old-fashioned products meet in a unique way. You can have great coffee in the front part of the shop, record a 90 minute-vinyl-single in a former elevator cabin or have a portrait taken by the world’s biggest Polaroid camera – unless you just want to stroll around and enjoy the many curiosities this place has to offer.

    Supersense, Praterstraße 70, 1020 Wien

  • stilwerk

    Stilwerk is actually more than just a shop. It`s a collection of modern design stores selling everything from interior to small objects, fashion and furniture. Despite the overall modern classiness, there are many affordable pieces available. Just look closely and you will find them, e.g. at Vitra, Rolf Benz, Badambiente or La Hong Nhut. Should you get hungry, stop for famous steaks at El Gaucho. Reservation recommended for the evening rush.

    Stilwerk im Design Tower, Praterstraße 1, 1020 Wien



    Wubet is the design label of Austrian globetrotter Arnold Haas. Here you can find inspired high-end scarves, bags and accessories that he produces in a manufacture in Egypt.

    Wubet, Praterstraße 11, 1020 Wien